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Welcome to World Monologue Film Festival

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Welcome to World Monologue Film Festival!

This event, sister to the phenomenal acting competition World Monologue Games, provides a unique challenge for filmmakers during such a challenging point in history.

World Monologue Film Festival accepts films in the following format:

  1. They must be shot in one continuous take
  2. They must have camera movement - no performing in front of a tripod
  3. They must feature only one performer - no offscreen voices, no additional actors (silent or not)
  4. They must run for 1 to 2 and a half minutes
  5. They must not mention Coronavirus and the global pandemic - let's tell stories about something else!

Registrations for filmmakers are currently open. We will announce further details in good time.

When is World Monologue Film Festival?

Our Festival Finals will be broadcast via livestream on Sat 24th April 2021. Depending on the volume of entries we receive, we may add extra events.

Who will judge the event?

We have a panel of film, live production and creative arts leaders from dozens of countries judging WM Film Fest. Applications are open for new judges.

I've registered already. How do I submit?

Submissions instructions will be sent to all Filmmakers upon registration.

I've registered but haven't heard from you. What's going on?

Some mail providers hate us. Check your spam/junk folders. If you haven't received anything, please add our main email address to your whitelist / safe sender list:

Who can participate?

Anyone anywhere in the world.

Does our film have to be in English?

No. It can be in any language you like.

What monologue can I perform?

Anything you want. You can write it or find it - up to you. If you use someone else's script, you must get the author's permission before you submit. Our website has lots of monologues you're welcome to use, and we have some new stuff coming out all the time.

Only one restriction: no monologues about Coronavirus. We see enough COVID-19 on the news and, well, everywhere else.

Can I submit an existing video?

Sure, in our first year we're happy to accept submissions which have been previously filmed (and even published) so long as they meet the entry requirements and don't have any restrictions on broadcast rights.

When are submissions due?

The normal deadline for submissions is Friday 5th March 2021. Entry costs $15 USD.

There is also a late deadline on Friday 19 March 2021. Late entry costs $25 USD.

The deadline for early bird submissions has passed.

Terms and conditions

See the complete terms and conditions here.