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Upcoming: Youth (Main + Sprint) Category events. Fri 18, Sat 19, Sun 20 September

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Main (Pro) Category


Main (Professional) Category
Africa + The Americas
Regional Livestream Finals

Main (Professional) Category
Asia + South Asia + The Middle East
Regional Livestream Finals

Main (Professional) Category
Regional Livestream Finals

Main (Professional) Category
Regional Livestream Finals

Endurance Earth: South Asia + The Americas + Middle East + Africa

Endurance Category


Endurance Category
Australia + New Zealand

Endurance Category

Main (Amateur) category
North America + Africa + The Middle East

Main (Amateur) category


Main (Amateur) category
Australia + New Zealand

Main (Amateur) category

Welcome to World Monologue Games!

This global event sees performers from scores of countries participate in an epic acting competition during such a challenging point in history.

Our key aim is to provide entertainment for the millions of people in lock down and to pay as many performers as possible. During these tumultuous times, anything we can give to those doing it tough is a true gift.

We welcome participants, fans, sponsors, volunteers and judges from every country in the world. There are a range of performance categories depending on the number of entrants in each country.

Everyone gets a free entry and there are CASH prizes for the winners!


What is World Monologue Games exactly?

WMG is a global performing arts event run entirely by video and live stream, allowing professional and budding actors from anywhere in the world to participate from their homes.

Why do this?

Right now, the world is being devastated by COVID-19. We want an event that gives actors a meaningful challenge, provides entertainment to the masses and pays winning performers during a period of economic downturn. We want to bring a little slice of happiness to the world right now.

When is WMG?

WMG is split into three phases: Training, Qualifiers and the Games.

Check out our timeline for key dates.

Who will judge the event?

We are seeking professionals from around the world who are qualified to judge monologue performers. Theatre and film professionals, industry leaders, accomplished creatives etc. Register above if you fit the bill.

I want to watch/volunteer/sponsor the event!

Fantastic. We would love to talk about how you could support WMG. One of our key drivers behind running this event is to pay some performers in these dark times, so if you're willing to donate money or become a sponsor we would welcome a conversation. We will also need help managing a huge amount of data and live streaming events at all hours, so volunteers are most welcome - especially if you have experience in data management or streaming/live video.

Fans will get an amazing show, with the most international acting event ever held.

Register above to be a part of it!


I've registered already. How do I submit?

Submissions are closed.

If you didn't submit already, it's unfortunately too late. If you did submit, watch this space for more news!

I've registered but haven't heard from you. What's going on?

Some mail providers hate us. Check your spam/junk folders. If you haven't received anything, please add our main email address to your whitelist / safe sender list: info@artsbusinessacademy.com

I want to participate. How does it work?

Actors register between March and May. Everyone gets 1x free entry and actors can pay a small fee for more chances.

The Qualifiers will be done via YouTube. Participants post their videos online and submit their entry via our site. Our judges pick the best performances in each category in each country to perform in live stream events, leading to our National Finals and culminating in World Monologue Games.

All registered actors will be sent information on how to participate.

Submissions are now closed.

What are the categories?

The event has categories based on country, monologue duration, experience and age. The main categories are: 

  • Sprint: 45-60 seconds
  • Main: 1-2.5 mins
  • Endurance: 5-10 mins
  • Professional/amateur
  • Adult (18+), Youth (12-17), Tiger (up to 11)*

* Parental permission and supervision required for Youth and Tiger categories.

What are the prizes?

WMG is so proud to be able to offer prizes to our winners. There's more than $1,500 (AUD) worth of cash and prizes to pick up, which ain't too bad for an event which offers everyone a free entry.

StarNow is offering all category winners a 6-month paid membership.

The Casting Cartel are offering three 1-on-1 audition coaching sessions for the winners of our Professional, Amateur and Youth Main categories.

The cash prizes below are generously donated by Arts Business Academy:

Adult (18+) Professional – Main – $500
Adult (18+) Professional – Endurance – $200
Adult (18+) Professional – Sprint – $150
Adult (18+) Amateur – Main – $150
Youth (12-17) – Main – $100
Tiger (up to 11) – Main – $75

Who can participate?

Anyone anywhere in the world.

Do we have to perform in English?

No. You can perform in any language you like.

What monologue can I perform?

Anything you want. You can write it or find it - up to you. You will need to get the author's permission before you submit it. Our website has lots of monologues (short and long) you're welcome to use, and we have some new stuff coming out all the time.

Only one restriction: no monologues about Coronavirus. Let's make World Monologue Games an enjoyable distraction from the horrible situation most of the world is suffering from. We see enough COVID-19 on the news and, well, everywhere else.

Can I submit an existing video?

No, it needs to be a new recording dated 1st April 2020 or later. This competition is about the work you create for the competition, not something you filmed in the past.

Do I need to represent the country I live in or the country I came from?

Up to you. You can choose whichever country you would like to represent. But you can't pick more than one country.

When you submit your video, you can update your country.

When are submissions due?

Mon 22 June. We also have early bird submissions and late submissions.

See our timeline for more details.

What level of quality should our videos be?

Do the best you can. At a minimum, we need to be able to see and hear you clearly. While we won't be judging you based on the video quality, poor footage certainly won't help.

Thanks to our generous sponsors StarNow, who are donating prizes for the event. Click their logo to find out more about what they do.

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