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See who's made it to the World Monologue Games livestream FINALS events!

If a name is in any of these lists twice, they got two entries through

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Category: Tigers (Main + Sprint)

  • Samuel Kennedy, Australia
  • Aliesha Whyte, Australia
  • Zara Strelen, Australia
  • Samuel Kennedy, Australia
  • Grete Kirstein, Germany
  • Hilde Kirstein, South Africa
  • Hailey Keys, South Africa
  • LeanĂ© Nortje, South Africa
  • Danae Conradie, South Africa
  • DanĂ© Herselman, South Africa
  • Hannah-May Farris, United Kingdom
  • Sophie Ainsworth, United Kingdom

Category: Adult Sprint

  • Mick Young, Australia
  • Helene Aderhold, Austria
  • Sara Anifowose, Italy
  • Kelvin Wong, New Zealand
  • Nelmarie Janse van Rensburg, South Africa
  • Amber Doig-Thorne, United Kingdom
  • James Elmes, United Kingdom
  • Bryony  Reynolds , United Kingdom
  • Gabriella Enriocco, United Kingdom
  • Saaj Raja, United Kingdom
  • Mick Rowe, United Kingdom
  • Altara Michelle, United States

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