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Find key event dates below. You can also download the schedule.


Tue 17th:    Registrations open


Mon 20th:   Live stream Monologue Masterclass #1 – 6pm AEST (Sydney time)
Sun 26th:    Live stream Monologue Masterclass #2 – 1pm AEST
Mon 27th:   Submissions open!


Sat 2nd:      Live stream INFO SESSION – 8pm AEST
Sun 10th:    Live stream Monologue Masterclass #3 – 9am AEST
Sat 16th:     Live stream Monologue Masterclass #4 – 10pm AEST
Mon 25th:   Early bird deadline – submit a video with 200+ views for an additional free entry


Mon 22nd:  Submissions close


Mon 6th:     Late submission deadline – submit for a fee
Fri 17th:      World Monologue Games begins!

July, August, September

Live stream events for World Monologue Games
Scheduling for the live stream World Monologue Games events will begin in July

* More Monologue Masterclasses will be added to this schedule.

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