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WMG 2021 Timeline

Submissions are currently OPEN for World Monologue Games 2021.

Early Bird Deadline*: Mon 24 May, 2021
Deadline: Mon 21 June, 2021
Late Deadline: Mon 12 July (submit for a fee)

* Submit and get 200 views on YouTube to receive an extra free entry.

Regional livestreams
August-September 2021

Global Finals
September-October 2021

Why aren't there firm dates for the live events?
We can't predict the number of submissions we will get each year, so we leave the exact dates open to allow us to hold the appropriate number of events.

If we get thousands of fantastic entries, we'll put on more shows. If we only get a few hundred, we'll do fewer.

Keep your eye on this page or subscribe via our homepage to find out dates as they're announced.

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